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Stiffer Penalties For Street Racing In My Area


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Street racing is definitely an unsafe practice that costs lives but I always cringe when police are given the power to impound a vehicle for a 'suspected' activity. Plus here in the great white north NOS is illegal but you can put out 1500hp with a super or turbocharger. More misguided laws?


Here's the newspaper article:


$10,000 Street Racing Fines




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here in texas they impound the car take you to jail then you get a 1,000 dollar fine i believe i had a buddy with a dodge that always talked shit about how fast it was we went to the track and i ran like a 9.60 to his 12.00 then he started making excuses about how he had highway gears anyways he went out the next day and got caught street racing and thats the fine he got 1,000 dollars and the night in jail plus paying to get the truck out of impound

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in cali im not 100% sure, but ive heard that they impound your car if your caught racing then destroy it and make you watch

the most they can do is put a agency hold on it for 30 days, safety inspection, smog test if they chose. tickets for anything that dose not pass...they can also confiscate your NO2 bottles.

you will be given a temp ID, CA res. will lose your drivers licence until you go to court.


so... tow fee...$350.00 min

storage of vehicle for 30 days @ $30.00-$40.00+ a day = $900-1200

that's just to get it back :P not counting all the other costs


last year we had a porsche in the shop, that was videoed at 205 mph an the I-15 here :driving: so i know what they will do... :crackup:



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In the first 5hrs owning my SS me and a buddy got caught street racing - basically the light turned green and we hit it up to about 50mph in a 35mph zone. Cost us both $1000 each ($500 for the fine and $500 for the attorney). We also had the ticket dropped to a negligent driving, no impound though, I guess we were lucky. I was the one that actually got pulled over my buddy went around us (I obviously won the short race) and he later recieved his ticket in the mail.

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