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Newbie needing help


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Hey all, I'm new to the site, was sent here by some PT.net members.

I'm looking for a set of SS wheels, 20". Here's the trick though, need a set that is wider that 8.5". I need to stick some meat, probably 305 possibly 325 back there and an 8.5" rim isn't gonna hold that much rubber and look good. I've heard that 8.5" is as wide as they come unless I go for 22" at which point they go up to 9.5". That sound right to you guys? Also can't be chromed because they are gonna get powder coated black...

Thanks for any help.

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welcome.....I don't think they make an SS style wheel wider than the stock setup.

First off welcome to the site :cheers: and they do make after market 22's that are replicas Loanrangerss has a set on his truck and they look good so you may PM him and ask him where he got a set but they are chrome though and I have not seen a replica SS wheel in 22's yet but they may have them where he purchased his :dunno:

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