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Tonneau Cover

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Hard cover


Many are partial to the gaylord lid, and thats what i have with a speedstur spoiler with dome light and keyless locks on it




srry i dont have any pics right now but look around there are many members who have them, i got mine for $1250 installed but if you look around you will here quotes from the forums from 1200-1500 $$

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Seems like the Gaylord Sportster is pretty popular with our trucks, but I went with the Sunglid SL. I really like it, just wish that I had gotten the remote open option.


Here are a couple photos:










Forgot to add that it was about $1200 total.

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Here's the link I ordered mine direct, it comes unpainted I got mine painted after but the top alone is going on for $359.00 right now. plus shipping. You should be able to get it through a shop in your area. I think in total it was around a grand painted an installed.




The top just meets the holes in the box so if you had flush caps it should work kyle.


I have better pics on my comp at home ill post

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but doesnt it come with everything i need? you said top peice. i looked at the included parts and it seems so have everything needed. also the black doesnt match our black does it? o well trucks getting painted anyway so its just one more thing they can spray. thanks for the link i might get one.

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I love my Undercover tonneau, eamonschevy has same one.


Cargo light


One person can remove it


lock on each side


Opens easy shuts just right


Easy to take care of fiberglass plasic


Weather tight seal


Around $600




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