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WOW finaly i get to race !


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finally after 2 weeks of being rained out. its race day got the car and truck washed. painted the trailer and im ready all i have to do is load everything up and go wish me luck and hope the weather dosent change. will ask the wife to try and get a video and some good pics before it gets dark so i can post a few here will let ya know how i do in the morning. hoping for a good run and coming home in one piece. if little brother gets to the track to drag race ill try to post his night also. dont know if he has to work or not. c ya all later dale :cheers::driving::chevy:

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Good luck Dale..I know how you feel,I kept trying to make it to the track and either it rained,or my "wife didn't feel good" .Finally when I went and knew I was going to race I was sooo happy :ughdance: I'll do a rain dance for ya so it doesnt rain :driving:

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our local dirt track opener is tonite......

forecast snow and rain this evening.

i wanted to go and shop for a new race car. maybe a legend or dwarf.

maybe a 360 sprint.

anyone here race dirt? if so what class.

i have ran legends, street stock, dwarfs, imca and ump modifieds and late models.

ran a couple of races in a supr late model. but my favorite is mini sprints to 410 sprints.

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