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Idle Relearn Procedure


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What is the temp when it starts to learn?? operating temp?

After my tune, I drove it on the highway not on the streets so it still does not want to idle in R or D, well it still stalls, not as bad as before the tune, but it is still stalling.


I want do my part in letting it adjust itself before I ask my tuner to bump it up some more or what ever magic you do inside those PCM's.


What would you suggest as a relearn procedure

1. unhook battery, how long??

2. reconnect

3. As stated above:


Engine up to temp.

Block wheels

Start and put in D for 5 minutes

Put in Park for 5 minutes

Shut off.

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Well I just tried the idle learn and it was not having it.

now I will get out the wrench and disconnect the battery and try it again later. Aside from this small issue the truck pulls real hard, it is a beast when you get the down shift that puts the rpm's in the 4k range...screaming!

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thats so true. the ETC has a lot of learning to do. It has gotten better everyday, still funky sometimes...but I was merging today and it down shifted @ about 20mph....the RPM's jumped and my truck was flying! I need to get some track times...

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