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weekend pics


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Seriously, I just got back from boarding. I am a little wounded, my knee doesn't feel to well. Anywase, we had to try out my buddies new boat.


Mastercraft X1, but it is in orange and white. I love riding behind this boat.




Dude, in that first pic, I hope you let go of the rope with that kind of slack, haha.

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haha nice pics man I've been wakeboarding for 3or 4 year and still cant do crap :banghead:

2 years ago i bleew out my knee doing a backflip so that slowed me down abit.

we do alot more drinking and wakesurfing now :thumbs:



that X- 1 is one nice boat must be fun :thumbs: dont think i could swing that one but i do love the mobuis



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Here's mine with the SSS back before she was totaled.... I'm pulling it with a Tahoe now. The boat is a 03 Supra Gravity Games, I'm running 2200 pounds in it now, crazy wake!

Toolhauler, I just got into surfing this year, it's a blast on the weekends when the water is too chopped up to ride



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sorry, tried hosting a link to my Myspace pics... I hate f*cking Myspace :crackup:



first one is a low flying whirlybird.. I was just learning when the pic was taken






I'm getting better every summer, last summer I got toeside down pretty good... I'm gonna work on switch this year. :)


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the water is just warming up enough in the lake i board at. a buddy just got a new boat so it is on this summer. it sure helped to know snowboarding first, all my friends were way impressed because i got up my first try and even flipped to switch for a couple minutes before eating it. lots of fun.

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