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The cover is held on with a snap on the side, and one on the top. Unsnap the side, and rotate the top off.


You'll need a 7mm socket to pull off the PCM cables. Once removed, unclip the PCM from its support and reinstall the new one.

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These are the directions that Bryan at PCMforLess gave me:


The PCM is located between the battery and the underhood fusebox

under the hood. It is down low and is covered by a black plastic

cover. You will find two tabs to remove the cover and then will

see the silver PCM underneath. Use plyers to pull up on the

metal tab that hold the PCM in place and pull it up and tilt

it so you can see the bolt that holds the two bulkhead connectors

onto the PCM. It uses a 7mm socket to loosen the PCM wiring

connectors. After loosening them pull them off and pull out

the PCM. Put in the new PCM in reverse order and you are good

to go. There is no special learning to make the PCM work and

you can take it out right away and enjoy it.


After I installed my PCM the truck didn't start. This is because GM has an antitheift system on the truck and if you want to start it you need to go through a series of steps and here they are (if this happens to you):


When you try to start the truck it will act like it wants to start but it won't and you will see an icon for a lock on your control panel. Leave the key in the start position for 11 minutes until the lock icon goes away. Then turn the key in the off position for 30 seconds. Repeat the last two sentences two more times and the fourth time you try to start the truck it will start right up.


Bryan told me that this only happens on about half the Silverado SS's he has done for some odd reason, so this may or may not happen to you. Good Luck!



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Thanks Guys,


I can't wait to get off work & get this installed. I wish the UPS guy hadn't brought it so early......lol I have to stare at it laying on my desk....lol

Don't worry, shouldn't take more than 10 mins to get it installed. You'll probably spend more time looking for a 7mm socket. ;)

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I got it installed & took it for a short drive. I can tell that there is a difference over the superchip tuner. I really wasn't able to test it because it's 10 degress here & we still have some icey spots from all the snow the other day. I'm headed to my lake house later & will get to test it on highway driving.


I'll post an opinion as soon as I have one to post.


Stay tuned.....no pun intended..... :lol:

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Still haven't been able to fully test it yet. Got another 4" on snow this morning. I did how ever get to test the SS's ability in snow. I'm impressed with it's ability. There was about 8-10" on the roads around my lake house. It drove right thru it with no problems.

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I am confident that you will absolutely love the PCM! It's too bad you couldn't take it out and test it right away. It might be hard to distinguish between the old and the new now that you've been driving it for a while. Actually, you won't have any problem comparing the difference once you get some dry weather out there. :thumbs:


When it rained here after I put the PCM on, I could tell right away that the truck was much better tuned for performance. In the past I haven't been able to peel out in a straight line in the rain at all unless the pavement was really slick! Now, I can spin all four if I want now that the torque management is veto. Keep us informed.



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