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Vortech Blower Pulley

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im trying to switch the pulley on my vortech blower and i was wondering how i can take it off safely? is there a special type of puller? if so what is it called? are there any other ways to take that pulley off?


Stroked I got you covered! Heat the pully up with a propane torch and it will slip off very easy! I was amazed myself how effective it was. I called Vortech when I swapped my pully, and that is how vortech reccomend's the change out. :thumbs:



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thanks buddy. i'll try that tomorrow...now when i go to put new pulley on does it just press on?



Jus heat up the new pully and push it on by hand, make sure it goes on all the way.you could even have somebody hold Ice on the blower shaft while you heat the pully. Let me know how it works out! I switched for 3.3 down to a 2.8, You?

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ive never had to use heat and ive done countless pulley removals, i wouldnt use alot of heat because the seal that is right behind the pulley going into the gear drive.


use a jaw puller , but what i do is i put a small bit of grease on the shaft before i install a pulley that way its easy to swap next time.

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