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Picture Of The Truck..


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Okay, I finally have a picture of my truck fixed. Sorry it's only one and its a cell phone pic, but my truck is filthy nasty dirty, and I can't wash it till the back window leak is fixed.


But first, here's a picture of my truck that made the front page of the local news. And I didn't even know it till Kendra called and told me...






And the day I picked it up from the shop. In the pic it looks like the driver fender is still messed up, but it's just a refleccion from another car. :smash:




And if anybody comes across some clear (sometimes called chrome) headlights, let me know. I found the bumper lights, and have searched ebay for the headlights. All I can find is the clear ones with colored signal markers and I found a set of completely clear, but the seller wants 200 bucks for them and that just crazy. :crazy:

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The clear headlights for the TBSS are right at $300.00. Anymore its tough to find some OEM lights cheaper than that. You might get ahold of the couple of people on the site and have them clear your lights for you, prolly the cheapest and best solution, in my opinion anyways.

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