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Is This Anyone's Truck Here?


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Two things ....


#1 - What happened to Fuel Slut ... ???


#2 - I thought he had a Carbon Fiber or Clear Volant Intake cover, w/Fuel Slut??? Why would they go back to the stock air box, especially with a Super Charger ... ???




:withstupid: yea, what happened to George...I think he works for a company that makes a little car...the GT-R???


Ask Oscar about the lid :cheers:


is the tensioner broken in the pic :P


and how did it end up at a used car lot??

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yep in MI, utica.

I have told him about the site, he is on a local car site and has a long thread about the trucks, and of course I have been giving my help bc he was also looking at a lighting...friends dont let friends drive fords:)

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Hey Joe!

Small world...I actually work with someone here at Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly who drives a Blue supercharged SS...And the other 2 of us drive black N/A ones...Kinda weird to see three in a parking lot at once...

I actually live very near Utica too! If the guy needs any help...lemme know...

BTW...When will this damn snow go away!?!?!?

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