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Installed And Love It

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I installed a magnacharger this week and love it. It looks pretty cool, check out the links below.













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Looks great! Any problem using that CAI? I have been thinking about getting one but I havent decided on which one yet. Also that pulley looks a little big. I run a 3.1 and it runs pretty good. 7.5 psi on stock engine. If you want to check the boost buy a handheld vacuum/boost gauge and some hose from autozone and route it into the cab. Put a tee fitting on the hose going to the daiphram on the side of the supercharger.

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The sloped ones or the flat tops? I never knew there were high helix designs. I thought they were all twin screw. Funny though, because most I see on here are flat topped.

the flattops i think are with the high helix rotors, don't quote me though. a buddy of mine had the flattop design and his was a high helix.

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Does it really make much of a difference? I still see around 10psi boost.

i couldn't tell you brother. i've never owned a radix and i don't know enough about them to tell you either..


i think that the flow was a little bit more with the high helix rotors.

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