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Pwnage Of The Year!


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WOW... did he ever come back after the first page... those guys nailed him QUICK!!

if you scroll through the pages, you'll notice he starts talking in spurts, again mostly on page 10.


but, there's like 50+ forums watching the thread. it's had over 70k views and 500 plus replies. the guy is a multiple count sex offender. it's insane the info everyone has put together about this guy.


i would say, it's really a good 2hr+ read, if you're up to it.

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wow i just got thru reading all of it. remind me never to piss off a NSX owner..LMAO

no kidding.


there's a guy that joined that forum hearing about it from another forum, he works at the courthouse that had the original case. he's going to pull the case and upload it in *.pdf format for all to read.. haha


guy had it coming though, being the ass clown that he is on all the forums where he misrepresented himself and his "gambling site."

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