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How Does This Setup Sound?


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Alright, I am new to the site, and to the truck scene, I am looking right now for a rcsb silverado, as a SS would be a little pricey for me, here are my plans, feel free to comment and make suggestions. The numbers next to the mods are for stages of the build.




1)ms4, springs, forged push rods

2)2.8 or 2.6 L kb I have yet to get in touch with them

3)forged 408 with the ms4




1) kooks f bod stainless headers, no cats, x pipe into dual super 44's, side exit




1) belltech 4/6 in lowering kit

2) SS bumper cover, Goodmark 2.5 in cowl hood, roll pan, HID's

3) Wheels undecided, and suggestions?, Hard tonneau with speedsturr spoiler




1) Pioneer Avic head unit

2) dynomat, custom seats, and sub


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Dont know if the KB is what youre going to want on a 408. A lot of people dislike their external control module and have done away with it and gone with their own custom tune. Even then some people dislike the setup. I guess it all depends on what your goals are.


You may want to go with better flowing headers also. The kooks are shorties right? You may want to look into a LT system especially if youre going the blown route.

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You will need the KB 2.8 for a 408, so get it on the front end. I am not sure the spec on the MS4 cam, but I don't think it is blower friendly.

Also the Kooks headers may be ok, but with some extra work. I will be glad when Kooks comes out with truck headers for us all.



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I wasnt sure if the 2.8 would fit but I have since found out that it will so that is definitely the way to go. The MS4 cam is definitely not a "blower cam" it is acutally the exact opposite, this makes it a decent choice for a pd blower, that is a new trend startiing with the fbody maggie cars and some vette guys are catching on now too. The reason behind that is the pd blowers create more than enough tq down low, and decent hp up top, this cam actually hurts the low end tq a little and really makes a screamer up top. The ms4 specs are 239/242, .649"/.609" @ 112lsa, I agree with this school of thought for positive displacement blower applications, as there is really no need for more tq from a blower cam.


I agree on the headers, when will either kooks or american racing come out with them.... ARGGGG!! Oh well I was told that these would fit without issue.

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