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Good News And Bad News!


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I got a call earlier and I was given some good news, and some bad news. Lets start with the good news. I am getting promoted on January 1st to Staff Sergeant / E-6. Its a big jump in responsibility and pay that I have worked very hard for many years to attain. I knew that I was getting promoted, but I had no idea it was this soon. :cheers: The bad news is that I won't be around this summer to enjoy my first California summer. I will be attached to a Marine Expeditionary Unit for at least six months doing a WestPac deployment. I will be deployed again which has me kind of bummed. I have deployed many times the past few years and I feel as if I deserve a break in the cycle. I guess I can't complain because I made the decision to stay in the military. I now have less than two weeks to find a place to stash my SSS, trailer, and my two motorcycles while I am away. Oh well, I guess I have to look at the bright side. I will get to see some amazing places while I am away. I'm going to shut up now. :rant:

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Congratulations on your Promotion Sergeant!!!! Hoo-Rah


BTW ... speaking of bad news ... what ever happened to you and the complaint you were going to file against the Moving Company that helped you out in Dallas TX (if I remember correctly)????


Any word on that ???

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