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Rehowdy Everyone


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hi everyone

its been a while since i have been on, was kinda down for a while.(kudo's to KIM for checking up on me, thanks doll) most of you will remember my dui thing, had to park the truck for 90 days, while it was down i painted my calipers, engine covers, fuse box, cold air box and intake tube all anodized blue.i blacked out my grille and brake ducts, i put new tires on her last week (hancook ventus st's) sure made a difference with the ride and grip and road noise.

i bought a used 2 horse trailer, painted it to match the truck, got a new dwarf car for racing this year. has a 1250 suzuki engine is very fast. it is going to be pink with blue flames.

got a new girlfriend (lovely redheaded nurse from wales). been spending a lot of time with her even though she has beaten my socks off me in the truck with her subaru sti. i do love driving her car too.

i met her in the hospital when i blew my knee out and had to have it repaired.

i am looking forward to a better 08 than my disaster of a yr in 07.

i will try to get some daylight time to take some pics (after all the snow is gone, we are to get up to 2 feet this weekend) and will post them then.

i wish everyone a very prosperous new years and its good to be back.

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welcome back man....as far as the DUI thing goes i know what ur going thru it BLOWS!!!! but to be honest.....i think thats the only REAL way ppl lean not to drink and drive is when they get busted...but thats JMO



good to hear the news on the gf and new toys...congrats man!!!


keep ur head up!

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kinda did disappear from sight, had to do the school, community service, victim impact panel

then i tore my knee up and was in hospital a few days, just didnt have much time for this and all the mods i did to the truck and building a relationship at the same time.

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Hey man glad to see u back in here, i was starting to miss those "GREAT :rolleyes: " sky shots with the poles in them and im pretty sure Dave miss them too. glad to see that ur year is starting out good with the upgrades to the truck and the new girl in ur life. remember u got a lot of people in here to talk to when u need a little advise and even when u just need to vent. anyways post up pics ASAP and lik Brad said maybe some on the redhead :D (j/k maybe)....



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