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Spark Plug Question

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Hey guys,


I have an '04 SS Silverado with a Magnacharger, GT2-3 cam, 3.3 pulley (plan to switch to 2.8 shortly) shorty headers and cat back. I'm going to change the plugs and I went down and bought some yesterday. I bought the NGK stock replacement plugs. They have the iridium tips and were like 7 bucks or something a piece. I know you're not supposed to gap these due to the iridium buttons.


Question is:


1. Will these plugs work out with my application and can I gap them down or do I need to?

2. Stock heat range ok? This is a daily driver---not a race vehicle--lol!


Thanks guys!

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Cool!!! Confirm a couple of things please.


1. TR-6 is one range colder then TR-55---right?

2. Iridium isn't worth the $$$'s or it may cause issues???


Thanks guys for the help and quick responses.



standard Tr-6 plugs just ask for NGK Tr-6 plugs gap them between 32-35.
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AWESOME!!! You guys just saved me 40 bucks!!! It looks like I owe someone a beer.... :cheers:


one heat range cooler yes. I have never used the iridium so dont waste the $$$. I'm also a magnuson dealer so its not like I have never done this before LOL.
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