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So I Hit Another Tree...


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So I'm goofing off in the snow with some of my buddies (if you don't know where this is going, raise your hand so we know who you are!), and my friend says he wants to get it on video... so I say okay...


After about running over the camera man, and getting some great transfer-case-pivot donuts, I'm coming around to slide around again, catch a patch of pavement that I've burnt the ice off of, and *BOOM*, straight into a tree. I was panic-breaking all the way towards the tree, I knew it was coming, but there was really no avoiding it...


Best part is, I got it on camera, so you all can laugh at my stupidity. (Videos to come soon).


Two epiphanies come out of this:

  1. Don't goof off.
  2. Nature officially hates me... Why else would trees grow in front of where my truck would be?

Figured parts list:

  • New SS Bumper Cover : ~$500
  • New SS Bumper Bracket (Right) : ~$150
  • New Bumper: ~$600
  • New Air Duct: ~$150
  • New Bumper Light: ~$200

Total Parts $: 1600



Sounds like fun!




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