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A Little Paintball Action...


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Ive got a speedball feild set up behind my house and New years day we engaged in some paintball action. This is one of the greatest sports ever.


Me at the back left bunker:




BJ Breaking for the back right bunker:



Our Opponents for the Day:



Me and kyle discussing our gameplan:



Me at the back right bunker, opposite side of the feild:


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The first pick looked like a Minicocker with a 3,000 fill bottle and maybe an All American barrel ? Do you have an E trigger? Nice :thumbs: Looks like you have the advantage!!! :devil: LOL your buddies are running around with shake and bake hoppers and co2..!! Thats messed up dude....


I started playing 5 years ago, fun sport! Had some close friends who had a paintball shop. I've had my ear lob explode from a an Angle firing at over 300 fps. Fnn Bastard !!! LOL good times!!

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glad to see some fellow players here. i used to play ALOT a few years ago. on a team and did alot of tournaments. unfortunatly all the shops and feilds in our area either got robbed or bankrupt and closed down, leaving us with nothing in our area. so i sold my tourny gun for money for my truck lol....stil have my backup marker in case i want to go back out with some freinds. i wish i had enough room to have my own feild in my yard. looks like you guys had fun

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Hey Brad, why dont you come up here to KY and let me supply you with everything you need...JUST SO I CAN SHOOT YOU! LOL jus kiddin brad




actually im shootin a cocker trilogy pro edition. I cant have an e blade because I shoot to much paint with one. There was a guy playing with us who was supposedly really good. He had an ION with a halo B hopper... I OWNED HIM ALL DAY LONG with my semi auto cocker. And ive tried convincing all my friends to go comp. air but they dont wanna spend the money on the tanks. I didnt realize we had so many players on here. What kinda paint does everyone shoot? I prefer Kick'n paint.


Heres a pic of my marker:


-2007 WGP Triligy Pro

-Red Dye Sticky Grips

-Red CP On/off

-14 Inch Smart Parts Progressive Barrel

-Macroline Kit

-Viewloader Evolution 3 (EGG) hopper (smoke)



I took this pic before i had a chance to clean the portholes on the barrle so they still got a little paint in them. WALMAR PAINT SUX! (buddy had some and i was in a pinch)

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I used to use JT paint but no0w I just use house paint. I would ask for some box tap and open a box and size up the paint with your barrel if you dont have a freaks system barrel with different sleeve's.I take the paint home and lay it out on the cofee table on a towel and get rid of all the oblong ball's. Wipe some of the oil off and maybe even add some baby powder to get to go thru the barrel easier. You should break less paint. Sounds weird but it works for me!!

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this is about 2 years ago i played paintball every week sat and sun got to the point where i had no life lol I was sponcered by angel and national paintball supply etc. I loved playing but it got to the point where it cost too much in my personal life leaving to go to tournys (nppl) and just got burned out.


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