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Left the West coast to head back to PA for close to 3 weeks to see the family for the Holidays and it completely sucked not having the net. I decided to see how much I missed here and came back to 68 new pages of topics so as much as I would of loved to read a novel going through it all I just decided to start fresh. Figured I would drop on in and see how everyones Holidays went and now that I am on a fast connection and I can keep up with the posts. Hope everyone is doing well and nothing to bad happened over the Holiday period. Well just wanted to post this up since I know so many people missed me!!! :cheers:

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Going back to Pa was good for a little but after a week or so it got pretty old, nothing changed so it was the same ol routine all over again each night and each weekend. It was good to see the Fam and all my friends but was really thinking about cutting the trip short and flying back to AZ before new years but I stuck it out in Pa. Never again will i plan a flight that has a layover somewhere, talk about a nightmare, only thing good that came out of it was I got drunk and was able to sleep on the plane. I sure hope none of you guys are like this but my layover I had in detroit was all set to leave on time but we just had to have the 20 morons who think a frigging full size suitcase would fit in the overhead console area so that delayed us about an hour. I tried to log on a few times here while being home but the home comp is really slow even with cable internet so i gave up and figured I would wait it out till i got back.


I see the calenders are a go so I will def be getting one. Hope everyone else is doing good!!!

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Holty, I heard you guys got a good amount of snow? All we got in Philly was rain and shatty ass weather, totally sucked


Nah, we never really got anything major. The most snow i can remember was only about 3 inches or so. Lately its been warm as hell, in the mid 60's. CRAZY!

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