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454 Snow Blower


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That's exactly what I need! I bought a used but like new 11hp/30" Craftman snowblower and it's already pissing oil everywhere! I blew the crap out of it by doing a flat roof. We had about 5 feet of snow since the beginning of the winter. Unbelieveable, I thought i'd put the wrench away by buying something recent, doesn't look like it :uhoh:

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i got the pics in an email and it said at 3500 rpm it threw snow 50 feet. and the guy hasnt found any kind of snow that has stopped it yet. the radiator is mounted behind the motor facing the person steering. and the coolant is routed through the steering handles so your hands dont get cold. we havent had enough snow here for anything like it eather. but i bet it would be fun chasing the stray cats and stuff around with.

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