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Tune Up! What Did I Miss?


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okay so my boss let me use the shop to work on my truck sat. The SSS is overdue for a service so i did as much as i could think of doing (while gettin parts for cost :))


oil change (mobil 1)

oil filter

trans filter

trans flush

cleaned trans pan

rear diff change fluid (GM synthic----EXPESIVE OMG)

front diff change fluid

transfer case fluid

spark plugs

PCV valve

air filter

power steering fluid

brake fluid and bleed

adjusted parking brake

new tires


wiper fluid :)


any part that was really dirty had a nice bath in the parts washer


so what did i forget????? anything eles needs to be replaced/ cleaned/ inspected/ adjusted???

(besides for tires i think i only spent like 200-220)

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your truck does not have a PCV valve, its an orifus, not an actuall valve. not nessary to replace and if you have a valve inplace if this orifus, then you could protentionally cause excessive oil consumption. valve shoud just be cleaned out with a few squirts of carb cleaner.

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