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I had the dual sport exhaust on mine for about a year. It sounded good, not quite as loud as i would have liked it to be, so I kept the pipes and swapped the heavy ass Gibson muffler for a couple of SLP Loudmouth Resonators about a month ago. IMO it sounds wicked at WOT but is fairly mellow when driving normally.

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How was the in cab noise??? really loud or ok? I'm looking for something that would get me good power and can still use the truck for business. I'd like to still be able to hold a conversation with someone and not be yelling at them. You know what i mean.



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I can tell you that Gibson makes a quality product...I've had a Gibson stainless single in/dual out cat-back on my truck for over 7 years now and it's held up great against New Jersey winters with snow, salt, slush, etc. I removed the tailpipes when I lowered the truck in 06, and they were still solid.

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