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Will It Fit?

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fireman31 You have a 06 SS do you not have a 4l70e? Thought all 06s came with the 70e? Our i could be wrong. See HD2 on your parts list?


Never mind. Called ZIPPY going to order towing shift kit at the first of the week. Have to keep it WAF somewhat still mad over trading in her 06 eclipse GT on the truck. But she still has a 06 impala SS to drive. Don't under stand it, Don't want to try

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this was discussed a while ago regarding 2wd 06/07 SS's. a lot of us thought it came with the 70e but it is indeed the 65e.

:withstupid: If you have the M32 RPO code in the glove box, it's a 4L65E, and all 06-07 SSSs have the M32 code as far as I know. :chevy:

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Other than the output shaft, there is almost no difference between the 65E and 70E. I've had some trouble in getting the parts I use for the 70E kits here and there, but shouldn't be a problem at the moment. The next time I have a shop that feels the need to question my kit though, it will be the last one I sell.

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