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Gas Octane?


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I tried using regular fuel at one point, ended up having to replace alot of items in the fuel system... not sure if it's connected or not, but I ALWAYS use High Octane. I did noitce a drop in throttle response on the cheap shit too, so just do what the truck wants... the good stuff.

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Using anything lower then 91 Octane will cause detonation and pinging which = lower gas mileage. These trucks call for high octane for a reason, 10:1 compression. The few dollars you'll save isn't worth it. :chevy:


^thats not totally true, the ECM's on GM's can retard timing if there is detonation... but what's the point of running 87 octane, you get worse fuel eco and ur truck will be so mapped down you might as well be driving a 1500 with a V6.. a guy i work with has a TBSS and on 87 octane it runs like my gf's stock v6 Trailblazer.. it totally defeats the purpose

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I agree, if the premium fuel costs are too much, you should have considered a 5.3L Z71 or something because those can run on regular fuel. Running lower octane will not destroy the motor, but it will reduce the whole purpose and power of the truck. You can lose 30-50hp due to timing reduction from detonation.

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well I know for here & some other parts that we cannot come by 93 octane!!! No one offers it. There is only 2 gas stations within 100 miles of me that carry 91 octane, so it's not like we always have the option to run it.

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Funny this comes up recently.


My truck was running generally shitty and knocking under WOT so I was complaining about it to the wife over the weekend.

Had new plugs and wires to put on it anyways so I went ahead and did those.

Took it out for a spin, still pinging under WOT.


I came in pissed and toss my keys, Wife asks whats wrong, I tell her the truck is pinging and dunno why.


She asks what gas I was running. (she knows we run premium in turbo cars for deto).

I tell her I always run 91 or better.... long silence

She kind cringes...

She filled it with 87 thinking she was being nice!

Come to find out she has filled it with 87 a few times now.



I remind her that when the STI motor goes in her subie she better NOT FORGET it takes 93!

3/4 tank to go.... ugh.

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