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Black Range Rover


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So tonight im at the light on westlake blvd with an all blacked out range rover to the right of me. He guns it off the line so i jump on it when i see him take off all fast. went by him at 55. so then were cruisen at 50 neck and neck so im waiting for him to take off again. Of course he did, he had like a half a length on me till i got on it and then i floored it and till i saw both his headlights in my side mirror. i slowed down and let him pass and he honked and waved. couldnt tell what model it was but it had the nice stock dual exhaust. looked like the supercharged model but i dont think i would have beat him so bad. anyways had a fun go at it and the girlfriend was all hyped about it!

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If it was the supercharged version, you would have beaten him that bad. Your truck is probably a high 14's, maybe even mid 14's ride. Those HSE Sport (supercharged version) have 400hp and only manage mid 15's. Ford really dropped the ball on those things. The commercial makes them seem so fast. A stock Sivlerado SS can whoop one. The outcome doesnt suprise me and I'm willing to bet it was the Sport model, I doubt he would have tried you if it wasnt. Good kill...Hope the guy felt good about his $80k POS ford suv.

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Ya, you know what, I ran a s/cd one and thought he wasnt getting into it. From a stop, I prob put a truck on him by the end of 1st then I shut down cause I didnt think he was going. I looked at the 1/4 times at home and realized they arent as fast as they look or make them sound. Nevertheless, that is a badass ride.

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