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Ok so I sitting on the couch watching tv and my dog kept going nutz. He kept running to the door and back to me. So i got up and took him outside come to find out some punk ass kid was sitting in my girlfriends going through all her stuff. I asked him what he was doing and he was like Im sitting in my car and I was like o yeah well what apt. do you live in and this is not your car its ours and i need you to back away from it.


Well he then sees my 45lb boxer and was like "hey get that dog away" "I was like why you dont like him". Well he ended up running away and I guess he had a buddy hiding in the bush cause I heard him start running to. They managed to steal her cell phone and some sun glasses. Her purse was in there with all her cards and check book but they didnt take any of that. I ended up finding her sunglasses cause I watched the kid fall when he run it the alloy and after we find out the got her phone I went searching.


He is lucking I had tank with me cause if I would have had my hands free. He would be sitting with me on the couch watching me type this while we wait for the cops. We called her cell phone company and shut the phone off.


wtf.gif is wrong with ppl these days. Go get a job or if not that shot yourself in the face and do us all a favor.

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Yeah tank is only 5 months and weighs 45lbs we are hoping he gets twice that size. His grandfather weighed in at 95lbs. I shoud have I guess I was just shocked to come out and see someone in her car.

We've had boxers most of my life. While they are very possessive of the family, they don't make the best guard dogs. Generally, they're too good natured. Look scary, though. :) Glad they didn't anything more than they did.

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man thats crazy......i too have a boxer named bailey....shes about 1 1/2 years old and she only weighs about 53 pounds now....for some reason boxers take awhile to fill out....everyone gives me sh*t about not feeding her when i always keep food in her bowl and feed her the purina 1 EXPENSIVE SH*T lol but i want her to get huge.


sorry for changing the subject. you keep your cool alot better than i do. my motto is if you catch the losers that are doing the crime. WHOOP THEIR ASS because i never did find out who broke into my truck and stole my dvd player etc..........give em hell next time!

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I'm sorry, but I would have BEAT that A*S too!! :fume: I figured he is scum, and if nothing else, it might make him think twice about doing it next time. Heck, I would keep an extra eye out for the next couple days, he could try it again!!! Maybe like showing off, or his friend in the bushes showing him up or something stupid like that.... :mad:

Did u at least call the police to let them know what was going on in ur apartment complex? A patrol unit might drive through there every once in a while when they are in the area if nothing else... :dunno:


Good luck my truckin' friend.

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