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Has anyone been watching the news lately about interstate 69,its supposed to be a new super highway going from Mexico to Canada to move cheap foriegn imports thru the states from Mexico,this highway is going to be 3 football fields wide put end to end,Texans are making a big stink about it and rightfully so because the state is planning on using eminant domain the take farms that have been in families for decades.I personally think its wrong and not good for the U.S. whats youre take on the subject?

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I think it is BUL!SHIT!!! I like the name of the interstate in all, but dang!!! I:nono: t's not right taking all that property away from our families in the name of "free-trade" convience or NAFTA. I saw a email the other day where a Mexican guy made a CLONE Texas DOT truck. The darn thing was LOADED down with POT!!! I mean LOADED!! :eek: I wish I still had the link 4 u guys....

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