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If You Sold Your Ss For Another Sport Truck.....


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I totally understand you guys thoughts. I'm one of those guys thats basically a simple "car guy". I dont have a favorite, so to speak. I like anything thats fast and looks good no matter what company or person built it. When I bought my C6, I looked at and test drove Mustangs, Vipers, Porshe, Nissan 300ZX etc. The vette was the best by far. The viper wasnt bad at all, but it lacked the brakes and handling that I was looking for back in 2005. I previously owned a 2004 Lightning that I had moded to 422RWHP (about $3300 worth of mods), it rode great and was a blast to drive. I now have an 04 SS and still have my C6 which I'd ONLY sell to get a C6 Z06. I'm not to impressed with the SS. I looked at the STS rear mount turbo and the radix kit. To much $$$ to sink in it for another 100 +/- 20 HP. Then I have a tranny that will probably have to be upgraded as well. So, its probably gonna have to go. I even considered going to a 2 door diesel, those things are making great numbers with only $1800 worth of mods, but, there HEAVY as a tank. I hope you guys see my point, I'm not bashing the SS, but in stock form, it lacks ALOT if you consider its carrying the legendary SS name. This thing should be damn near the fastest truck on the road, and its not. Not to mention my back windows are seeping wind nosie again and just 2 days ago the tachometer went haywire along with the steering wheel feeling and sounding very sloppy. So again, IF you HAD to buy another sport truck and there were no SS's to be found, what would you do, buy a Tundra?

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If I had to sell the SSS I would get the 6.2 denali truck($40k), 5.3 single cab/ short bed with a maggie($20k)or a GMC syclone ($10-30k)

Either one of those with a few mods will kill a srt or svt

And the scsb 5.3....I would try to find a Regency :chevy::chevy::chevy:

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WOW the SYlcone there's a blast from the past and the Typhoons were sweet as well.


If I "had" to choose between the 2 it would be the Ford. mainly becuase as I said on a previous thread the dodges look good on the outside but cheap as hell on the inside where the fords tend to have nice interiors.

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Why do you need a truck? Do you tow anything? If so, then the SRT10 is completely out. That leaves the lightning. The only reason I didnt go with a lightning is because I didnt want to deal with the high hp 2wd in the winter. But L's can tow up to 5000lbs. The SRT10 = nada. I would think for $6k into your SS, you wouldnt be happy with a high 12second ride? Seriously? You're going to lose more money trading around and then picking up another L. The tundra's are a joke for a stock truck as well and there is NO aftermarket for them unless you consider 2hp from exhaust and CAI an aftermarket. They might have some superchargers coming out, but talk about expensive.


If you are worried about the tranny, go with the new Sierra Denali. It has 400hp fromt he start with the 6.2L, it has a six speed auto that is much more beefy than the SS trans, it doesnt weigh anymore than an SS, and it comes with 4 full doors. Looks good and has a luxury interior. Add a supercharger that beast and you will easily have the performance truck you want.

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