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Fitch Fuel Catalyst


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Curious about Fitch Fuel Catalyst, anyone running one on an Sss? Any good or bad experiences? With gas prices increasing again just looking for anything that might help (other than slowing down--too heavy footed for that!!!)


Saw this on Horsepower TV, Fitch Fuel Catalyst either drops into fuel tank or connects into fuel line, like fuel filter, lowers hydrocarbons by average of 39% and most magazines are saying they see an improvement in fuel mileage of 2 to 3 MPG--would be great for our trucks. Also, says you can run 1 grade lower octane and not have ping problems. If you Google them there are numerous results & reviews. Drop ins run about $125 shipping included, I just thought maybe someone here may have tried one. Sport Truck Mag installed drop ins in a 454 Suburban and saw a 2.5MPG increase--sounds pretty good to me!!

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