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Extang Rt

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Hey guys, I'm looking at maybe getting the extang RT cover for my truck, anyone have one and have comments on this? I am wondering if it sits flush or if it "Bows up" at every support bar, also how well does it keep water out of the bed? Any comments would be appreciated.

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Have the Extang r/t for a couple years now. Had an issue with 1 side flapping at highway speeds. Extang was great. :cheers: They sent me new rails and a completely new cover in like 2 days. No questions asked. Seems they upgraded the velcro that holds it down. No problems with the new one. Sits very close to flush, within 1/4" max. Ribs don't show at all if you get it tight. ImpossterSS and a few others have them too. Stuart had an issue with light leaking through and got his replaced also. I get a very small amount of water around the tailgate corners in a real heavy rain but otherwise pretty watertight. Hope this helps.

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Great that helps out a lot, could someone post a pic or two maybe? Also, where do you guys reccommened getting one of these and a bedrug?


These are the only shots I've got that show it fairly well. It's the original cover and was dirty at the time. New one doesn't have the ripple along the tailgate either.



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I also had the Extang RT. And had the same problems with the suction behind the cab unfastening the velcro. I will say Extang has great customer support, cause after 1-1/2 years, they replaced it with an upgraded cover. No charge, no shipping. :cheers:


I went with the Extang Express. It sits a little higher(about 1"), but the velcro mounted on a 45 degree rail is very snug.


I'm happy. :D

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