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Powder Coated Grille


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heres a couple pics of the grille i bought off of EmergencyVP1 about a month ago. It is a stainless grille but i wanted it black so i took it to a guy close to me that does all his work from home. He told me he would do it for $40 and get it back to me in a few days. I was like take your time its too cold to put it on anyways lol. so about a week and a half later i hadnt heard from him so i called him. He said that he had about 10 hrs in it! i was shocked cause he hadnt called me or anything but he said he wouldnt charge me for all the extra work! He's a really cool guy! anyways the stainless doesnt like the powder coat to much i guess and didnt really want to stick in between the slats of the grille. sorry for the long post here are the pics. looks pretty good IMO






Also this is a bolt over grille. i wish it was a cutout but i think it looks ok. need to get the bottom grille from somewhere

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can i take the stock one out to paint it? or do i have to paint it while it is still in the grille shell? reason i ask is i couldnt figure out how to get the stock one out without cutting it

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