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Hole In Transfer Case.

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So I was talking with a friend that owns a 2003 Silverado 4wd. And he just came back from having it serviced and the techs noticed a hole in the top of the transfer case. They told him that it was from the fluid level getting too low and that there was a pin on the inside of the case that starts to rattle and eventually eats a hole in the case. The techs told him this is a problem on all 1999 and up Silverados. Didn't know if anyone had this happen or knew about this. Thanks

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Oh his isnt awd so it might be possible. Ive never heard of that happening but there is a bunch more stuff in there that could come loose, I would think something else would mess up before it had time to eat a hole in the damn case though.

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Here is a link to a pretty good write up.




Originally Posted by Wilde Racing Be sure the transfer case oil pump clip is secure . . .


This is REALLY important! If this spring clip is not there, you will end up having to replace the back case half, after the tabs on the oil pump wear through it! I know, I'm having to do just that because the clip broke in my transfer case. The dealership even lists the clip as a retainer/wear protector. (It's part # 12470559 if anyone ever needs it).

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