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Got The New Rim/tire Setup On

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Well, picked these up this weekend and mounted em last night. Rims are American Racing RTS 22" chrome and tires are Nitto 420S 305/45/22. Right now I'm not sure if I like the size of the rims, still deciding if they are too large for me or not. Anyways, heres the pics.


P.S. I drove in the rain the other day and havent had time to wash it so it is dirty.










I'll be getting more this weekend in a better setting and when its clean but just wanted to show you guys what it looks like.

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Yes sir it is, but the wallet is hurting more than the truck is for a drop. I think that is the main reason why I am not sure on this setup, without a drop, it looks like somethings missing. Just in case, what should I be looking to spend on a drop?

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I spent a hair over $500 of my belltech spindles & rear leaf spring. I installed them myself, so saved a ton of cash there. Expect probably $200 to $300 for someone else to install unless you have someone near by that could help...

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looks like you found the lug nuts you needed, now your truck looks like mine :banghead:


Honestly, I saw your pics and was like DAMN that looks good. Just so happens that there was a guy selling the rims/tires and I jumped on em. Hopefully I'll be throwin some more mods on mine to make it stand out from yours.



Looks good the only thing besides lowering i would change is I'd be riding on 305/40/22's the 45's side wall just looks too tall IMO


Well Brad, it was a rim/tire combo I bought off a guy locally for a good price and thats what they came with. Its like that old saying, "Beggers cant be choosers" I'm happy with it except for it being in need of a drop.

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