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98 Chevy 4x4

SS Silv

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I believe all 1/2 ton Chevy 4X4's came with at least 6 lug wheels. 3/4 tons 4X4 8 lug. Not 100% sure tho. Look up his truck and your truck on discount tire . com and see.


I think 96 and newer 1/2 had 6 lug. I know some older ones were 5 and 3/4 ton was 6

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the rims will fit any fullsize chevy with six lug.. my friend has a 67 chevy pickup and he bought some rims off a 2005 tahoe that was six lug. they fit perfect ..g.m. keeps it simple any g.m. six lug will fit another g.m. six lug :cheers:

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