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What To Buy........


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Yesterday I turned in my 2007 f150 company truck, I have been comuting from San Diego to LA (Ontario-120 mi) for the last 4 months. Basically I am sick of A*# Holes being heroes and calling my office and saying I'm driving too fast, or dangerous. I told my boss that it is not worth it to me, "out of site, out of mind"I get to keep my gas card so I'm not too concerned with milage

-The question is what would you guys get as a daily river for under $3500... My truck is way too modded to use it every day and I dont want to rack up the miles....here is what I have in mind so far


- pre 73 datsun 510 with a 240 motor


-90-98 jap hatchback with a turbo


-vw corrado


-199x toyota truck ...and build a pre-runner


Let me know what you guys would get :cheers:

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Check out an Isuzu pick up we have a 1995 and it's been running strong, i think i has roughly around 265,000 miles. Only cost my dad 1,500 3 years ago.

Yeah they are reliable, but I at least want a mid 14 second car thats reliable, I cant go sssllooooowww :chevy:

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I'm actually looking at used Cadillac STS's ...guy here at work picked up a 2001 with 140,000 miles on it for $3,500. 300hp front wheel drive, mid 20'smpg's...it was in condition. I'm hoping to find one with half the miles and maybe in the $5k range. The ride was superb.

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What year....are they all turbo awd

2002 is when the started the WRX which is turbo. Before that they had the Impreza 1.8 or 2.2. Not sure what year they went to AWD (94-95) From 98-01 they made a RS 2.5, but they are hard to find and hold there value. (they sell over blue book)

I have/had a 1996 Subaru Impreza 2.2 AWD auto. I paid $3500.00 in Oct. '05 w/ 91k. My oldest now has the car. The best milage I got was 30mpg and the worst was 20mpg (winter time) Here is a pic w/ '98 RS wheels.



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