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Good Mods For Newbie


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newbie here. just took delivery of my 08 ccsb 4x4 vmax i ordered. took 1 month,3 days to get here. not bad i thought. first, i didnt know they had an alumium block. i knew some 5.3's had it but not this one.

second, i would like to whoop hemi's and i forces. i know i started heavy with cc and 4x4, but i needed them. so, 4.10's was a start. i dont have funds for superchargers and tranny upgrades. so other that cai and catback, what yall recommend? which cai and catback and looks like special tune and no handhelds are the most common. also, anyone else in the bham area?

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The only long tube headers out are the dynatec for the new body style I say wait a LOL while longer for pacesetter to make some im in the same bind I got a 07 scsb vmax and don't want to spend $1400 on the dynatecs the custom tune is the way to go but I got the edge evolution in my truck and its quite nice

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thanks for ideas. i got black nerf bars and just ordered the ccm 2.5" leveling kit w/ the rear blocks. just wanting a little higher than others. ill get tints, spray in and then go for cai and then custom tune. that extra muffler or whatever its called at the very rear can't be helping none. looks like something that has to go. also, she wont burn 'em. i read on here about tm. it really sucks. how do we get rid of tm? ps first 360 miles on the first tank and it got 15.5 mpg. not bad for not being broke in yet i thought

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