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3-9-08 English Town.


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I decided to throw together a small video of some runs at English town. There were alot more runs but my camera decided it didnt want to record them properly so they all got lost. Here is what i could get out of it. It was very cold and windy out so it was hard to keep the camera from shaking all the time. Enjoy



Dan (Fireman31) going sideways at launch going head on with the tree! Forgot all about this one.

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Nice. God I wish you guys where not so far away. Who's red SS was that? What did it run? Boy Ashley you got spanked by that Shelby :jester:



That was Walter(wkeil), I think he went 14.6 @ 93.xx. I am the first silver SS in the video, and I spanked that WRX off the tree, but he caught me by the 1000' once his turbo spooled up. We had fun, but it was COLD! The tires squealing at the end of Walter's run was my burnout. :uhoh:


I went sideways in that second video, even when launching off an idle LOL. The light dropped and I slammed the gas, next thing I knew I was staring at the tree head on going "oh sh*t!" :lol:


Yeah Ashley got spanked hard by that Shelby! :P

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how often do you guys go out to englishtown,id like to meet up with some other ss's down there ,im right in jackson


Keep your eye on the event section. If we go it will be posted in there.

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