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Universal Joints

vette dude

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Has anyone here ever done this, I believe mine is dead or going out, it is squeeking badly, I would like to do it myself, but I do not have a press, is there any way to do this without a press?


Anyone have any advice, or know of a how to.


And say I had to get a press, how big does it need to be?

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Can you describe what you are hearing, when, and where from? I really have never heard a "squeaking problem from a U-Joint............

I do nto know what else it would be, I am pretty certain this is it.


The noise:

Imagine sitting in a bed or rocking chair and it squeaking as you lean back, thats the sound, almost like urethane joints with no lube squeaking. that's the noise, but it cycles, as the drive shaft turns, and goes away if you go fast enough. It is dependent on throttle too.


And really if it something more major than that, I am done with the truck, I would be a liar if I said I was disappointed in my truck, my feeling towards it is quite beyond that, but I do not really want to get into that right now.

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Are you shure it isn't a bad wheel bearing? The squeaking noise you descibe sounds like a bad wheel bearing or brake issue.....
It is coming from behind the cab, I would have expected a sloshing/grinding sound for a wheel bearing besides, the sound is more frequent than one rotation of the wheel.
they can squeak when going bad. most time you will hear them clicking on acceleration, or you can have a vibration in the drive line. :seeya:
yes, it is a clicking squeek.
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U-joints often "squeek" when first going out because lubericant has gotten past bad seals and needle bearings are rusting. "Clunk" is soon to come.


Unfortunately for most home repairmen, almost all GM u-joints are held in place with melted nylon injected into matching grooves in bearing cap and shaft hole. This nylon must be melted and caps driven out while still melted without getting shaft too hot. New caps are held in place with standard retaining clips. This all applies to steel driveshafts, aluminum still use retaining clips. If equipped with aluminum shaft, a C-clamp style press as also used for ball joint replacement can be borrowed(leased) from parts store. EXTREME caution must be used to prevent damage to aluminum shaft though,,,,it's a lot more tender than the u-joints steel caps!

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