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Self Defense My Style...lol


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lmao thats some funny stuff right there, but he actually knows what hes doing, at first i thought it was a joke but then he started to do some stuff that my cousin has taught me...and this stuff is usefull in a fight,.. i like what he says at the end. "anythings legal in a streetfight" which is true...if its between my life and yours, anything goes.

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Bas is a former bouncer so he understands the street fighting aspect well, as well as being a former UFC Heavyweight Champion as well as a former King of Pancrase in Japan. He's a former Pride commentator and fighter, and is now an official with the IFL and is Kimbo Slice's trainer. He is a huge name in MMA. He is one bad ass dude and funny as well.


YenkoChevelle69, nice choice in screen name. You ever seen one for real? I haven't but I love that car. Last stats I saw say there are only about 30 of the 99 produced left in existance and they go for around $280k if in real good shape.

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