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Port & Polish Stock Heads

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I would thing that CNC'd 317s would be the best and a matching cam. WCCH could set you up with matching parts, or do some searching.

:withstupid: That would definately be the easiest/best route WCCH are top notch :flag:

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dart,afr heads would be the easiest. Ported stock heads heads work well, thats what i am running, but a set of darts or afr's right out of the box flow as well or almost as well as ported 317's. And the with the ported stock heads your close to being limited out, with dart or afr heads your only scratching the surface of their potential. I also think, only in my opinion, that the darts or afr have a better chamber design allowing more power to be made over stock heads with the flow rate being equal. TEA(total engine airflow) is also a very good source for ported heads.

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