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New Pics W/ New Rims & Bro's Tbss

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Well I havent really gotten any good pics since I've put the rims on so I snapped a few and my bro took deliverey on his TBSS Thursday so I figured I'd get some ..here they are.







This is what he sold before he bought the TBSS.. very sad to see it go





And Pics of the TBSS and the SSS together






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Thanks for the compliments guys. I really like the way the rims look on the truck as well, cant beat the look of American Racings for a price of $600 for the rims and tires LOL.


SS Silvy, I havent waxed it in a while. Thats where being SUPER anal and washing your truck every week pays off. I have noticed that the soap I use really brings out the shine. Its Armorall Wash&wax formula in the orange bottle. When I do wax, I use a Nattys Blue wax and a Red Moose Glaze polish which REALLY brings out the deep black color.


The Aston Martin was another customers who was waiting for his car to be delivered to him and just happened to be on the same truck that was transporting my bros supra. There was also a Mercedes Mcclarren (sp) on there that was picked up in Miami and the transporter let me take some pics of it.


Again, thanks for the compliments guys!

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