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Methanol Question


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I have snow performance and its tapped into my wiper tank. My question is I know they selll Boost Juice wich is better but I do use my wiper fluid on occasion so my question is will Boost Juice hurt the paint if I squirt it on my window or should i stick with my $1 a gallon stuff..lol?


I worry about what a higher concentration of meth will do to the paint.

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Boost Juice is just 49% meth to 51% distilled water (a bit more concentrated wiper fluid). You will be fine spraying it through your windshield washer pump and on your windshield on occasion. I did it a couple of times. I did notice that the red dye that they use is hard to get out of a white tee shirt without some bleech. With shipping, that stuff is a bit expensive so use it sparingly IMHO. :cheers:

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Not to sound like a tardo or anything, but what is the snow kit your talking about? I assume your talking about a methanol injection kit, but I thought that was for diesels. How does it work in gas vehicles?


here this is there home page and it talks about it



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