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Please Help With Cam Selection...

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I am a dealer for GMPP and Comp Cams. Looking for a good mild improvement with nice street performance/some strip use from time to time and a nice lope. Looking to combine with a TBTC, as my family owns a GM Dealership and I have access to GMPP/GM parts at cost. Would like either a good GMPP cam or maybe a Comp.


I don't mind having to swap springs to OEM LS6 or Comp 918's, but not looking to get super aggressive to where I have to change much more internally. Looking for a cam that can be tuned easily (PCM), and I realize I will probably need 42# injectors.


This truck really is not a daily driver any more, more of an every now and then cruiser.


Current Mods:

-Corsa Sport

-Dynatech LT's/Cat's

-Volant CAI

-Wheatley Tune (I realize I will need a re-tune)

-160* Stat

-Transgo HD2-C, Vette Servo, Aluminum Accum. Pistons, C5 deep trans pan/filter



-Good Street/some strip performance once in a while (Would like to be in the 13's)

-Nice Lope

-Combined with TBTC

-After this mod is done, not looking to do much more to the motor (not going FI, N20, etc). This is pretty much it.


Thanks and any help would be appreciated. I have searched and search and there are so many options out there. Hopefully my information will help you guys who know cams help me!


Teddy :chevy:

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Thanks for the input. I like what you guys have said, but will it even have any idle lope to it, seems like it will just sound like a stock C6 Z06?


I was thinking maybe like a GMPP ASA or a GMPP LS6 Hot? The LS6 hot would need a stall of around 2000+, while the ASA would need a 2600+, both attainable with the TBTC?!


Found this while searching on here, posted by a cam guy:


Cam Specs Drivability Idle Tuning Stall Springs Comments



204/218 .555/.551 117.5 Stock Stock Recommended None LS6 "'02+ LS6"

219/228 .525/.525 112 OK Noticeable Required 2000+ LS6/918 "HOT Cam"

226/236 .525/.525 110 Poor Very Noticeable Required 2500+ 918/921 "ASA Cam"




Thanks for the help and keep letting me know which is the best for my set-up!


Teddy :chevy:

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Here would be my pick for what you're looking for.


Comp Cams XR275HR

Part #: 54-426-11

Advertised Duration: 275º/277º

Duration at .050: 222º/224º

Lift with stock rockers: .566"/.568"

LSA: 112º


This should idle fine at around 700rpm with a decent, yet mild lope.

Stall speed needed will be around 2600-3000 which will make a TB converter just fine.

Lift is small enough to run the quieter and cheaper LS6 springs.


I would also look into doing the 42lb hr injectors.

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Thanks Zippy, I noticed that you mentioned this cam for another member also when I was doing a search a few days back. I was wondering what you thought of it for my set-up, good to know it is a good fit for me.


It looks like I will probably do this set-up, as I can get the Cam, springs, & TBTC for cost--maybe the old man will throw in the labor for free :D . Just two questions. First, I want the GMPP LS6 springs right? P/N 12586484. Second, which 42lb injectors do I want? SVO Bosch?


Thanks again man, I appreciate it!


Teddy :chevy:

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