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Some Pics Of My Bad Olds!


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I took here out last week and shes running good! I cant belive how slow my truck felt after diving it around all day, LOL. What do you think of my pride and joy.



Next time its nice I will wax it up, and mabey get a burout pic up with some better ones! If you guys are intrested.

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Its a beautiful thing, a man and his garage with his toys. I noticed the miller lite pack on top of the cooler, many a nights in the same posistion out in the garage with a wrench and a beer just trying to make your ride faster and faster then fixing what you broke. Nice olds man, gotta teach these young punks about 70's muscle in their rice rockets.

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Thanks guys, it took alot of blood and beer to make it like that :cheers: felt awsome to take it out a few times, I cant wait for summer!

The motor is a olds 455 around 9.1 compression. It has ported edelbrocks, .565 lift solid cam, victor intake with an 850. Full 3" X pipe exhaust with dumps and spitech prostreet muffs! The tranny is a built 400 with a 12 bolt rear and 4.10s. I am looking to get a built 200r4 though because highway driving sucks, and this really is a street car more then a drag car. It went 12.0 @ 111 last year with a bad bog off the line, should go 11.50s easy I just need to get the carb worked out and a better convertor. For a pump gas street car it rips! I smoked my bros bolton LS1 T/A last week by about 5 cars,LOL. Thanks though, I am glad you guys like it. This is why my truck is stock, my wife almost killed me when I told her I wanted headers for the SS :rolleyes:

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