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Time To Introduce Myself

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Ive been reading and posting a bit for the past couple months so i think its time to introduce myself. My names will, im from kennesaw, ga, and im 20 yrs old. My buddy and i own a shop called Loaded Customs. We do all kinds of look good and go fast goodies. i love SS's and always have, but i got the next best thing. I have a CCSB Vortec Max. I needed the 4 doors and i like burnouts too much for AWD(although awd burnouts are so insane!) i am absolutely addicted to this forum, haha and have big plans for the truck. so far just a Volant intake. Money is tight since our shop is new so every penny is going back to the company. Thanks for all the help so far and in the future. Mr. P gave me more info on tranny mods then iv had from talking to every tranny guy in town combined. Ill be around for a while guys! - will

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Stay away from the MisterP guy ... he is not 'good people'. There is a rumor going around that he is so in love with rap music that he molded himself after MasterP the rapper and poor actor. There are many threads of MisterP being an internet tough guy, talking trash and trolling around. And oh man ... you should see some of the things he does with his 'left hand', and he takes pictures of it ontop of all.








Just kidding ... P is a stud and a huge asset to the board and humanity in general. Welcome to the boards.

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