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Bought Fiance` A Suv


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my boat sold ALOT faster than I thought it would, havn't really had much thought into what we wanted afterwards. I got full asking price for the boat, so we started shopping asap.


GF just so happend to find this completely loaded GMC yukon "GENEVA" edition that a friend was selling at the chevy dealership. We originally wanted a high miles ss,tbss,or denali; but settled for this.


This lil' lady has all the options,including tv, dvd, vcr etc... awesome condition, other than some child abuse in the back passenger area. other than that its hard to pick it apart, very well taken care of. full reciepts, service discriptions, tune ups etc.


bought 20" eagle rims, and copper 285s the same day, and put a K&N CAI on the next.


not much planned for the future other than what the girl wants, so far her list is as follows


wheatley tune, 6" skyjacker lift and 35s, painted lights and tails :cool:


The "GENEVA" headrests are gonna be gone very soon. ugly ass pheasants or something :confused:


anyhoo fellers, heres some pix.


sorry about the retarded amount of tire dressing, it was colder than hell out and i was too lazy to wipe it off.





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