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Im Glad But Sad


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Ok i was engaged and now I'm not we had a good relationship for two years but now that Ive deployed to Iraq AKA (black whole) God I lOVE THE USA. things have changed. So Blakes not so happy anymore but hey the War donst stop for a brokenheart. So I just keep on truckin and doin what i gotta do! Its only been a month I'm so pissed at her but theres nothin I can do so i just try to think of other things like the my new motor build which all u guys will start to see soon! So I'm not gonna say anything just yet! But heres some pics! Oh yea this was to be the test to see if she could be a marine wife so guess she failed but its better I know now and not later on!






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better now, than after you say I DO... :idiot: if your still bummed out this is my motto that i live by...

there is no problem, real or imagined, that can not be rectified with the proper amount of high explosives.. :devil:

so go find a empty house, and a 100 lbs. of C-4 and put a :D on your face.....BOOOOM... :cheers:



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:withstupid: Sorry to hear the news. Just as everyone has already said, if she couldn't stick by your side during your deployment, then she wasn't "the one". The right one will come along when you least expect it. Keep your chin up and think of the good you do for this nation and the rest of the world. Never forget how proud we all are of you and your fellow brothers and sisters of the armed forces! :thumbs::flag::flag:
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Don't worry about it Blake. Clear your head and focus on your mission. I promise that you will go back to your base after this deployment, and eventually meet another girl. Where are you at right now, and what rank are you? I am going to guess that you are on the south side of Al Asad. Take care bro.

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