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Island Dragway Friday April 4th

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Hey all, I am planning on hitting Island Dragway for the first friday night of the '08 season, April 4th. Street Legals are running from 6pm to 10:30pm. I am planning on getting there somewhere between 5-5:30pm since i'm coming straight from work. Hopefully you all can make it........


Let's make a list......













Hope to see you all there. :chevy:

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I'm sure I will be able to stop in for a rat burger and cheer ya on. :cheers:


...Do I need to bring the laptop and the Drag Radials???



Oh yes please bring the laptop, I would love it if you could run some logs for me. :fingersx:

I'll check with Mark on the DRs.....

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i HAVE SOMEONE TO COVER FOR ME .......... SO IM RACING !!!!!!!! :cheers:


Yay! :cool:


I wish I could make it, but I can't get off work. :(


Maybe next time Luke, we'll see you on 4/19 at Hillsborough. I will plan another sunday track trip soon. :chevy:




That sums it up, DRs here we come! :P

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OK im in, :D my son talked me into it, he's wants to run his camaro & i have to vid sumbuddys 13sec run "RIGHT"


The heck with my attempt at a 13 second pass, I want to see your son's Camaro run Ken! :chevy:


BTW, your avatar is kick ass. :thumbs:

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