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Nyc Auto Show Pics

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The last few pics mentioned. Notice the rotary shaped exhaust on the Mazda. :thumbs: The pictures just don't do this thing justice, it was so unbelievably gorgeous and awesome looking. All pics were taken on my little 7.1MP Sony Cybershot, my buddy had his Cannon Rebel XT with him, maybe he got some better shots at different angles.


It was a pain trying to get decent pictures of the cars as you have to push your way through the crowd of people, and stand right at the edge of the display which was too close to get full pictures. I kept going back to the ZR1 to just drool......I must admit I got a boner at one point :crackup: I didn't take a picture, but they even had a silver C6 hanging on a platform suspended from the ceiling, it was pretty cool (Edit: You can see it at the top of the picture of the rear end of the ZR1). There were tons of cars that I didn't bother taking pictures of, I just took pictures of the ones I wanted memories of seeing, and only posted the half way decent pic's. If my buddy took some better pics, or different ones I'll be sure to post them. It's pretty overwhelming being there, I don't have ADD but I felt like I did, theres cars everywhere! Not to mention some gorgeous models :drool:

















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