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The Zr1 Yes The Real Thing.....


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I hear its got a new state of the art puzzy magnet. I guess they dont even stand a chance. :nonod:

i was tryin to get one of those installed on my truck. cant find a good install price though lolz

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maybe its just the clip it did not sound that great when he rev'd it?? I know it was not that much of a rev but I have heard better....I want a wot rev :devil:


sounded like the Coras pop, not what i would expect for around $100k :nonod:

but at least they got the color right.. :thumbs:



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anyone read anything about the msrp on the zr1 yet?


It will be right around $100K sticker. But who knows how much of a premium they will bring when they are first out. The first few batches of Z06's were bringing 10-25K over sticker. You could easily see the first few batches of ZR1's for over 150K.

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Dave Ressler, a guy that lives in the same town as I, Bismarck ND, bought the first ZR1 at the Barret Jackson Auction. My dad is good friends with Dave and I am sure I will be able to see the car when he gets it. Hopefully get a ride too.. Dave also has a 12,000 square foot shop FULL of corvettes. He has a corvette for every year that they were made.



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